What's In My Camera Bag / by Justin Buccione

A few weeks ago I posted a photo on my Instagram story of the inside of my camera bag just before a photo shoot. After the shoot I noticed a lot of questions about what equipment I was using. So I thought I’d put together a “What’s In My Camera Bag” post since they always seem to be very popular amongst photographers. So here goes:

  • Canon 5D Mark II

  • Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS II

  • Canon 24-105mm f4 IS

  • Canon 430EX II

  • Quantum Qflash T5d-R

  • Quantum Turbo SC battery pack

  • Quantum 12x12” Softbox

  • Neewer Battery Grip w/ 2 Canon batteries

  • 3x PocketWizard Plus III

  • 32GB, 32GB, 8GB memory cards

  • 2x 77mm UV filters (on lenses)

  • 77mm circular polarizing filter

  • Colour gels

  • Lens wipe, brush and blower

  • Battery door for DSLR w/o battery grip

  • Various cables for flashes and PocketWizards

  • AA batteries

  • 2x light stand mounts

  • 2x hot shoe adapters

  • Electrical tape

  • Scotch tape

  • Swiss Army knife 

  • Business cards

  • Release forms

  • A pen


Also pictured are my two small Westcott light stands and 43” shoot through umbrella which come with me to most shoots. Granted this is not all of my photo equipment, but just the gear I use about 90% of the time. I’m a minimalist when it comes to photography so the less gear I have to haul around, the better.